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    Tiger is to, on world, be close to the one of animal that becomes extinct , as our China , now, northeast of China has had no Northeast Tiger(in China) on genuine meaning , now, the tiger that we see runs from Russia. So, do not also let our northeast have no tiger well.

    Now, a lot of countries also more and more pay attention for animal have protected. I believe , error can not how long, in the northeast of China, we can again see Northeast Tiger(in China) again


    Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius The hippopotamus is one of the world’s largest and heaviest land animals.It lives partly in water and partly on land.Although strictly a plant eater,the hippopotamus has massive jaws with formidable tusks.Hippos have an unpredictable temperament and are capable of biting through small boats and slicing crocodiles in two.Hippos trample riverbanks and lakeshores,creating a maze of waterside paths and wallows that they use to get access to the plants they eat.Hippos spend their days lazing in or near water,emerging after dark to feed.


    Zebras are members of the horse family.They are grass-eating animals in parts of Africa,most famous for their distinctive striped coats.They have muscular bodies ,immense speed and strength.They can use powerful jaws and heavy hooves to attack their enemies when threatened.They also have unusually large ears which give these animals a very good sense of hearing .


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