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    不久前你班老建议生上学不带手机,你班的学生展开了讨论父母的爱的作文,请你根据下表总结讨论情况。注意:词数为100左右。态度 反对老师的`建议 支持老师的建议 未表态人数 45% 50% 5%理由 在信息社会父母的爱的作文,手机是每个人的必备工具 会影响教学父母的爱的作文,校内已安装公用电话

    now in the country areas, there are many children out of school. i think one of the reasons is that their families are too poor to afford their school. as a result, they have to stay at home to make money to keep their families. another reason is that many parents think it useless for the girls to study and they would not like them to go to school. a third reason is that some children are not interested in their lessons, and would not like to go to school.in my opinion all the children including the girls should have the chance to receive education. all the people should pay attention to the education of the children who will play a very important part in the future of our country.

    the 父母的爱的作文

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